Monday 7/31/17

26 Jul

CrossFit Showdown, Showdown Downtown – CrossFit

Front Box Squat (6×2 @70-80%)

Below Parallel, about 2-3 inches from your bottomed out position.
We’re at the halfway point with these movements. The Front Box Squat should feel much more comfortable, and now its time to start stepping up the weight with volume.

Weighted Pull-ups (6×4)

You should feel as if your pull-ups have improved from the start of the program. If you are still working on your first strict pull-up, ask yourself if you’ve been taking the right steps to getting there. We’re at the halfway point, use this time to finally get your first pull-up.

Frontin (AMRAP – Reps)

3 Rounds

1 Minute ME each movement


Strict Chin-Ups

Row/Bike/Skierg calories

1 Minute rest in between each round
You can start on any movement, but they must be completed in the order listed. Pace the first round a bit so that you know how you’ll feel on the later rounds. Play to your strengths and try to get the most reps on the movements you are best at. Don’t go too hard on the burpees and the rowing until the last round. The chin ups mean that the hands must be palms toward you. Break these up into small fast sets. A kipping chin up would be considered a substitution.

Metcon (Time)

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 10 db squat clean thrusters, 200m run, 3 rounds