Monday 8/7/17

02 Aug

CrossFit Showdown, Showdown Downtown – CrossFit

Metcon (Weight)

Spend 8 minutes working on Turkish Get ups. At least 4 per side.

Front Box Squat (6×2 @75-85%)

Below Parallel, about 2-3 inches from your bottomed out position.

Weighted Pull-ups (6×4 Same weight across)

CrossFit Games Open 11.3 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

5-Minute AMRAP of:
Squat Clean, 165# / 110#
Jerk, 165# / 110#
Start at a steady pace watching the clock. Your first three minutes should be about the same pace each minute, then speed up on the last two minutes if you can. Power clean to front squat is acceptable. Remember that these should be ‘heavy’, and that you should be thoroughly warmed up before even starting. 5 minutes isn’t enough time to ‘ease’ into it!

Metcon (Calories)

Optional Cash out

4 Min Max calories on ski erg or bike