Wednesday 10/4/17

29 Sep

CrossFit Showdown, Showdown Downtown – CrossFit

Metcon (Distance)

Spend 8 minutes working up to a near max height box jump from standing or seated.

Power Clean (7 x 1 75-85% Same weight across (Set 1/14))

Half Kneeing Single arm Dumbbell Press (7 x 4)

Farmers Cardio 2.0 (Distance)

7 Minutes for Distance with a partner

Farmer Carry 55/35
You should be moving fast the whole 7 minutes. With a partner, “farmer carry” (hands at your sides) 1 pair of kettlebells as far as possible in 7 minutes. Partners take turns but one partner must carry the entire load – the partners must stick together as they move. Record total meters covered for your team (so go outside, but don’t go too far from where you can hear the final time call).

Metcon (No Measure)

Cashout: 10 thrusters 65/45, 15 cal row, 3 rounds