Thursday 10/12/17

07 Oct

CrossFit Showdown – CrossFit

Metcon (Weight)

10 Minute EMOM

Odd: 5 Back Squats @60%

Even: 8 Burpees
You should be able to finish each set with about 20 seconds to spare. If you feel you are getting left behind, start to scale the rep count of the burpees.

Donkystrength (Time)

4 Rounds

5 Overhead Squats 115/75

10 Clean and Jerks

15 Sit-ups

15 Bar over Burpees

1 Minute Rest
Squat snatching the overhead squat bar into position, for the first rep, will count as one squat rep. The load should be such that you can complete at least the first two rounds unbroken (entire 2 rounds unbroken?!). If Overhead Squats are a issue due to mobility or inability to break parallel, complete it as front squats to keep the bar load higher for the clean and jerks. Make sure you use a jerk technique (and not a push press) to save the shoulders for the burpees. There is no open hip requirement for the burpees over the bar.