Friday 10/13/17

08 Oct

CrossFit Showdown – CrossFit

Power Clean (6×2 @65%)

Todays strength will be Hang Power Cleans Below the knee.

Half Kneeing Single arm Dumbbell Press (6×4)

Amphibious Landing (Time)

For Time

200m Run

500m Row

25 Thrusters 95/65

200m Run
Pace the first run and row so you can go right to the bar from the thrusters with minimal or no resting. Try to get through the thrusters in 2-4 sets if you can. Don’t forget to breath on the thrusters and don’t forget to run hard on the last sprint!

Metcon (No Measure)

Optional ‘Cash Out’: Goblet lunge 12 steps, 12 American KB swings, 4 rounds